Fields Of Philosophy Matrix

University of Phoenix MaterialFields of Philosophy MatrixFIELDDEFINITIONHISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTSSCHOOLS OF THOUGHTKEY CONTRIBUTORSPRINCIPAL ISSUES EpistemologyThe take of the personality and causes of experience and its delegacy role in understanding phenomena .Plato /Socrates Defines Knowledge as justify vox populi (1963 ) Gettier challenges traditional knowledge definition by opining that look and rightfulness must both be present to commute as knowledgeVarious responses to Gettier chore includeFalliblism , reliablism , Empiricism - knowledge based on get laid / recognitionRationalism - knowledge based in a priori reasoning p Constructivism- knowledge based on congregation , perception and companionable experience Plato /SocratesGettierDescartesKant What is the true meaning of knowledgeIs the use of true knowledge exter nal or internalHow does the regress problem (Skepticism ) answer in theories of knowledge ?
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MetaphysicsThe investigation of theories of reality that overtake science do by as a perfect philosophical from ancient timesDescribed by Aristotle in MetaphysicsModern philosophers added marginally connect s to the fieldSome metaphysical s given their own categoriesSome metaphysical s are considered amply physicalOntology - study of the character of thingsCosmology - study of the world as a and spaceNatural theology - study of the nature of god ParmenidesHeraclitusAristotleDemocritusSpinozaHonderichLeibnizDescartesEinstein What is the nature of countermand objects or UniversalsWhat is the origi n , indispensability and purpose of the Uni! verseDeterminism versus free willIdentity and the nature of changeThe nature of matter and perception Moral PhilosophyTheories of ethics how...If you privation to get a full(a) essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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