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As I walked through the doors of the starting of my high train year, I realized that very moment, Im close to to deal with a lot of obstacles that will try to clear me from my personal aims. Through much turbulence and interventions that I look at faced to achieve many of my ambitions; I have veritable into a stronger individual. Throughtaboo my family, none of my two brothers had ever receive from high school, and I knew since I was the last son; my goal was to graduate high school with at least a 4.0 as my grade point average and become a role model for other people. Having my goals already set in advance shows my determination to succeed in life.
Towards the end of my one-ninth grade year, one of the numerous obstacles that I had to face was decision out that I was sick with some(a)thing that doctors did not even whap what I had. He tell that my stomach was processing some type of bacteria that was not supposed to be there. So he utter that maybe it was best if they wash out my stomach by sticking a tube shine my throat and clean the inside of my stomach. After that procedure, he said that it will not come back again. Soon later, nearly one month, my stomach started to hurt. My parents took me back to the infirmary and the doctor said that the bacteria came back again.

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They did not know what to do so they just gave me tons of medicine, therefore, they could figure out what to do. Not and did I begin to lose confidence in myself, provided I started to fall in to a deep depression. I began not to care about my school work as I once did and started to daydream in class. My grades were dropping for the semester and I didnt even bother to care. On top of that, I, constantly hearing my parents fight over the medical bills did not help. I kept thinking to myself how everything was perfect but now everything go apart so fast and I cannot stop it. third months later, my doctor called, he told us to come to the hospital. My parents and I raced to the hospital and the doctor said to...

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