To be ones self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to harmony said American author Irving Wallace. This quote is stating that being an somebody is better than following e veryone else. The Book marauder and Fahrenheit 451 in concert sh atomic number 18 the theme regarding identity versus conformity. The societies in both books atomic number 18 very different whence how we live today. People ar non speaking up for themselves and for what they think is right. They keep every office staff locked inner(a) themselves, so no one knows who they truly atomic number 18. Because of the suppressive societies legions loose their sense of freedom, which leads them to go against conformity and become an individual. Firstly, a reason the people go against conformity is become they are unhappy. They are forced to be someone different then themselves. They cannot express themselves. They have no freedom. The narrator of the Bo ok highwayman states He wears his happiness like a mask(Zusak 9). Montag makes it regard like hes happy, when really hes not. Also in Montags wife approximately killed herself because she was so unhappy with her life. (NEED MORE QUOTES) People who live in societies where everyone conforms to one another become afraid.
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Since each man [is] the converge to it of every other(Bradbury 55), the people are afraid to be different and stand out. They were scared that if they said the wrong issue they would be punished.When Liesel stated how she hated Hitler, Hans replied You can say that in our house, but you never say it on the street, at school, at the BDM never! (Zus ak 115). Hans is afraid that people leave h! ear Leisel facial nerve expression those words and punish her. (NEED MORE QUOTES) People inwardly conformed societies are forced to keep cryptics. They dont want to stand out so they keep everything to themselves. After Hans catches Liesel stealing, he only stated If I ever as you to keep a secret for me will you do it?(Zusak 127). This quote...If you want to get a beneficial essay, revisal it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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