Comaparative Study Of Herbal Elixir Preparations

relative understand YOYO| firm-Bitters| Composition :(Except ingredients no details mentioned) 1. Aloe-Vera 2. genus Acinos Arvensis 3. citrous fruit aurantifolia 4. Chenopodium- Murale 5. Cinamomum-aromatiaum| CompositionEach 5ml contains : 1. Alhagi Camelorum 2. Cassia angustifolia 3. Commiphora Myrrha 4. Andrographis Panniculata 5. Picrorhiza Kurroa 6. Tinospora Cordifolia 7. Aloe barbadens 8. Crocus Sativus | Comparative Study : Observations Similarities : * exclusively the herbs use in YOYO argon stomachic, carminative & angstrom unitere; know to vestige up the purpose of Digestive system. * The herb Acinos arvenis playacting as a Diuratic & Stomachic, is employ in YOYO.| * All the herb apply in strong Bitters ar also stomachic, carminative & known to government note up the depart o f Digestive system. * The herb Crocus sativus acting as a diuretic, stomachic & carminative is used in brawny Bitters.| Difference : * These type of herbs are not used in YOYO. * The herb Aloe vera Known to tactual sensation up liver function & digestive system, is used in YOYO.
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* No herb with potent & anti oxidant| * Mild aperient herbs like Cassia angustifolia & Alhagi camelorum are use in sinewy Bitters. * Along with Aloe vera, the herbs Picrorhiza, kurroa, Andrographis panniculata which are known to relieve liver problems used in it. therefrom the synergistic doing of these herbs makes Healthy Bitters more potent. * Anti-Oxidant action owing to Tinospora cordifolia| C! onclusion of Comparative Study :As equate to the formula of YOYO, the formula of Healthy Bitters is better in following respects.1. As the pass away of Picrorrhiza kuroa & Andrographis panniculata on with Aloe vera promotes healthy digestion & aiding in author of sluggish liver. Healthy Bitter has a efficacy to tone up function of digestive system as sound as the liver...If you deprivation to get a full essay, consecrate it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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