To Kill A Mockingbird

English 11 December 18, 2008 To Kill a scoffer Essay In the book To Kill a mockingbird written by Harper Lee racism was discussed towards sicks. Those that disagreed with this bare-ass behavior of this prejudices was as well as treated with inattention and hated, merely for standing up for what they countd was wrong. The sicks were disliked for the color of their skin. The principal(prenominal) plot of the narrative is when a black man yell Tom Robinson was accused of the raping of a vacuous girl, age nineteen name Mayella Violet Ewell. This allegations of the rape scale upset some(prenominal) bulk. The incident caused livids to become very angry. They wanted to do something closely Tom Robinson being wrong replete(p)y accused. thence a bloodless(prenominal) male name Atticus Finch stands up for him. He was a brave man and full of conceit and dignity. Because of the racism and sermon toward negros as shown through the chara cters and setting, To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel that should non be withdraw from high school classrooms. In this novel the negros living in Maycomb were look upon as less human and betrayed as dogs. They were working(a) for the white people in their handle for long hours of the day. Maycomb region was portrayed as the town where negros was non respected.
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When Jem, Dill, and Scout on the QT snuck into the Radleys yard they witnessed through the windowpane Nathan, however Nathan was not able recognize who they were. Therefore he falsely do an allegation stating that it was a black man. degenerate Stephanie tells the children what Mr. Nathan said he Scared him pale , though. Says if anybody sees a white ring! tail around, thats the unitary (44). Mr. Nathan was so prejudice and full of wickedness that he refused to pile the truth. Therefore he made the story up to too convince the other white people that the he was rotund the truth. In reality Mr. Nathan had no estimate who came into his yard. It was easier for him to blames a black man because he doesnt believe a white person...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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