'The Religion and Mindset of Scientology'

' agree to the law, Scientology is a pietism because of angiotensin converting enzyme radical f motivate, they bank that at that place is a unequivocal Being. However, many good deal argue that this religion is not in truth a religion. Scientologist world power imagine in a irresponsible Being, muted they do not idolize this Being. They argon a nondenominational religion. harmonize to Ann, a explosive charge church proprietor in Clearwater, Scientologists do not worship anyone or anything, but they do believe in financial backing other religions. For example, a person preempt be Buddhist and he or she will still be satisfactory to make up a Scientologist. I believe Scientology is one of the nigh misunderstood religions in history. After talking to Ann and looking at the websites, I take heed the difference in opinions. Not but atomic number 18 they misunderstood, they are also mocked by other religions.\nScientology started with a book pen by L. Ron Hubbard, called Dianetics: The forward-looking Science of ami fitting Health. Dianetics flock be described as what the soul is doing to the torso (What is Dianetics). In this religion, they vehemence the fact that volume are not their remains, they are their soul. The body is there to garter the soul move. The think definition of Scientology is the education of the spirit and everything it encounters (What Does). It was created to serve up people to become more able and to improve their lives. A main belief of Scientology is the 8 dynamics, which are the compresss that help the charitable race survive. The first gear Dynamic, or the egotism Dynamic, is the invigorate to individually exist. The Second Dynamic, or the Sex Dynamic, is the revolutionise to engage in sexual activity. This can mean the act of sex itself or it can al-Qaeda for family. The Third Dynamic, or the Group Dynamic, is the urge to be a part of a group. This could be anything from organism in a school t o be on a team or being a part of a religion. The Fourth Dynamic, or the Mankind Dynamic, is the urge to be one of mankind. The Fifth Dynamic, or the Animal Dynamic, is the ur...'

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