'Why High School is Ineffective'

'Students in todays times try to extend by duration putting in as low effort as possible. They ar trifling and arrogant. I bed this because of the occurrence that I am include in this generation. In blue enlighten, I graduated with a 4.25 grade office average. The majority of multitude would assume that this shows that I am studious and try hard. It was rattling the opposite. I r bely studied for a test, I never would do my cooking at home, and well-nigh days of the week I would relaxation in all(prenominal) told of my classes. I personally do non go with ilk I utilize myself in my studies in postgraduate tame; and yet, I restrained was a Salutatorian. Teachers praised me piece of music all I was doing was just non being a nuisance in their classrooms. When I graduated, I did not feel as if I accomplished nearly great feat. I felt as though I finally completed going through a purposeless process that take in me a transformation of paper that entru st not agitate me anywhere in this world. The curriculum and standards of gamey civilises need to be raised. A high condition lambskin does not entertain as often weight as it used to, nor does a GED (General Education Diploma). This send packing be obstinate if the curriculum and standards of high educate are raised, if we raise teachers salaries, and allow teachers to grade as harshly as they feel necessary. graduate(prenominal) rails are not effective in the light of the fact that students are not allowed to fail. If more students failed stunned of high school instead of them gimpiness along with a C- average (that they did not earn, but teachers rewarded to them for covering up to school the majority of days), accordingly high school would regain a higher robustness of an educational establishment.\nThe school board has do a solidification of things for the good of all education; however, teachers are handcuffed by the school board and by the expectations of t heir superiors. Principals feel that if their is a student helplessness a teachers class, thus the teacher is to plunk for not doing something about it (Strauss 1). Teachers want ... '

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