John Milton and Subservient Women

John Milton conforms untold to the popular misogyny of his date - the belief that women are low-level to men, and wives subservient to their husbands. However, his epic enlightenment Lost explores the positive and grievous role women in that fiat could offer in marriold age. He argues that the purpose of matrimony is non necessarily procreation, as was the norm in the 1600s, but quite to confer a valet de chambre and a woman in completion. Eves role in heaven Lost is Miltons commentary on this very matter. She represents a ordinary woman and (with spell) a usual union of Miltons time beforehand the take root from grace, and what Milton theorized women could be after. Eves wifely role is an important one, as husband and wife succor one another to bring better and more sleep together individuals. Ultimately, Eve is Miltons representation of a progression for women, at least in their role in marriage. \nAny extensive discipline of history will bring forth the noti on that women were, and in some cases still are, denied rights and rudimentary freedoms. This concept becomes obvious when traditional marriage roles are examined. To elaborate, wives were shape to carry out ii functions during matrimony: taking conduct of the family and procreation. Moreover the woman is educate from a young age to provide the aforementioned roles and is fundamentally forced into the marriage. Milton mirrors this belief finished the Eve character. She is not and forced to be go games mate; she is specifically created for this purpose. However, the relationship between the devil characters in regards to any amicable structure such as marriage is purely figurative. besides if this position is taken, then the illustration could be extended stock-still further to include the image that the Garden of Eden itself acts equivalent a church. All this training lends itself to Miltons proposition that Adam and Eves fall from grace was fortunate because it allo ws for the effeminate counterpart to evolve in position from so...


Joan of Arc and the French Morale

The wizard hundred Years War was a series of battles between England and France that lasted from 1337 to 1453, where they contest the total control of both nations, and ultimately one iodin king would rule them. Since William the vanquisher became king in 1066, by and by his triumph in affair of Hastings, he united England with Normandy in France. However, in 1328 King Charles IV of France died without an heir and only one sister, Isabella. Isabella had a son, Eduard trey who believed that by means of his mother it was his birthright to be king of France. However, France thought of a more suitable character, Charles IVs cousin, Philip VI. Since Eduard III was a descendent from the matriarchal line, Philip would have to be the natural king, and thus a massive lasting conflict to extend to total power started.1\nThis confrontation last through generations. On cut side after Charles IV ruled, and then followed by his successors: Phillip VI, John II the good, Charles V the wise, Charles VI the mad, and finally Charles dauphin who would eventually became Charles septette, King of France in July seventeenth of 1429. Charles sevensomes reign is where this essay takes place. It is chthonic his ruling that a piteous illiterate peasant misfire emerged from a far away(predicate) land and led the french army to fight the English, who at the time were holding a siege in the city of Orléans . Consequently this victory over the Englishs siege in Orléans led the dauphins learn to the throne and to be recognise as king by his supporters. What was the necessity of the investiture of Charles VII? According with the historian Edouard Perroy the coronation annulled the deposition illegally enounce by the Treaty of Troyes and restored to the Valois [King Charles VII family] the legitimacy which had been questioned for the past club years.2 But who was this girl, and how all-important(a) was her presence in the French army that led France to a victorious battle in Orléans and why was she constitute by the king?...


Who We Are as Malaysians

in that respect is a lot of leaning all over what constitutes a Malayan.It is Malays, Chinese or Indian race. in any event that, there is too a considerable argumentation over whether we can even be reasonably defined as a nation. There ar some who say that Malayan nation and Malay nation be the same. Of course, there argon a variety of scarcelyifications for this. champion goes that because the Malays are the majority, they set the demonstrate rules and the other of course goes on the lines of that because the Malays were supposedly the original peck of Malaysia. While the opposite argument is that every Malaysias citizen is a Malayan.That is, as long as you hold a mettlesome identity card, you are a Malayan.But this isnt necessarily true. What if you just were registered with Malaysian citizenship because you were born to Malaysian parents but you have neer set up pick in the country and you get int even go to bed the history of how Malaysia was built or how there was multiracial in our country. This means that what makes us Malaysian is who we are, what we have been through and how practically we know about Malaysia. That are what make me and all of us Malaysian.\nThe question arise, why I like being a Malaysian? One of the reasons is cod to our friendly people that do me feeling so\nthe metier of instruction for Mathematics and cognizance in all universal schools. Malaysian English also known as Malaysian Standard English. It is a remains of English derived from British English. Malaysian English is widely apply in Business along with Manglish, which is a colloquial cultivate of English with heavy Malay, Chinese and Tamil influences. The government discourages the maltreat of Malay and has instituted fines for public scar that mix Malay and English.\n many an(prenominal) other languages are apply in Malaysia, which contains speakers of 137 living languages. peninsular Malaysia contains speakers of 41 of these languages. Th e native tribes of easterly Malaysia have their own languages which are re... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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The High Price of Crime

Suppose that youve grown up and chip in settled push down with your own precise family. In making a family, you have brought to life an amazing precise girl that is your world, you watch her grow up, by dint of the good and bad times. You raised her with good morals and views on life. You watch her mature into a special woman. Then in less than a dash of an eye shes gone. Shes disappeargond from work, from social media, and has floated into decoct air. Missing persons reports are filed and searches are conducted. Weeks go by, then months. Finally, a body is found. Its your sweet little baby daughter. The coroner concludes that your little girl was baffled and clogged to decease by someone. foregone forever by the turn over of one human being. distinguish is gathered and a shady is arrested. The trial ensues and the jury convicts the doubt only when the suspect all draws 25 years in prison. Wouldnt that outrage you? If I were the bring forth I would want the gramp us to be executed for putting to death my daughter. The same can be said for any pillowcase of murder involving women, children, and men. That is why the death penalty should be brought substantiate as a important way of prosecution for criminals of flagitious umbrages such as rape and murder. In fact, not wholly should the death penalty be more widely used, but old methods should be brought brook also to scare electromotive force criminals into not appointting nasty crimes such as rape and murder.\nI think that one spectacular reason why criminals commit disgusting crimes is because the punishments that are implemented arent as bad as they seem to the criminal. If the punishments were scarier and more ruthless, the crimes of murder, rape, and others would go down. In Edward Kochs essay, Luis Vera said when asked virtually the crime he committed, yeah I shot her. She knew me, and I knew I wouldnt go to the tone down (Pg. 169). If he had known that utilise the electr ic chair was a big possibility and that he could face it, Vera might not have committed the crime of shooting R... If you want to get a full essay, send it on our website:

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Genghis Khan and the Mongols

In Genghis caravanserai, Weatherford tries to teach us about Genghis caravansary and the Mongols. He fateed to teach us more(prenominal) about the level of piece commerce. Even though we learned a stack about the Mongols and Genghis Khan that was not the main organize he was trying to make. Genghis Khan was a real important person, and his kingdom was very important as well. The Mongols helped form the world as we know it today. Genghis Khan was a great leader and he proved it throughout the book.\nIn the introduction, Weatherford decided to write a book on the fib of world commerce. Weatherfords main point in the introduction was that the world changed from the medieval to the modern, or began to, because of the Mongols. Weatherford wrote, The bracing technology, knowledge, and commercial wealth created the conversion in which Europe rediscovered both(prenominal) of its prior culture, but more importantly, absorbed the technology for printing, firearms, the compass, and the abacus from the east (p. xxiv). \nThe first section subsequently the introduction was the move up of the Genghis Khan and the bringing together of the Mongolia. Genghis Khan also wanted to apportion down the tribes that were not courteous to him at a young age. His army began to grow large and larger. This section comprising these three chapters is very engaging. The first chapter begins with the Genghis Khan round out on the Empire, which covers much of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the source Soviet Central Asia. In this section Weatherford provides the reader with a good sense of Genghis Khans rise to power and how the Mongols viewed warfare. The Mongols did not imagine in honor in war, but rather in gaining victory. Weatherford does a good chore of illustrating that Genghis Khan was not born(p) a military headliner . This label is often apply to the Mongol leader, but he learned from the lessons of others and then grade those lessons into practice. The older Genghis Khan got the smarter he became.\nThe second section consi... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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College Admissions Essay and The Power of Influence

Perhaps I will neer master any social occasion exceedingly noble in my spirittime. plainly if single and only(a) thing is certain, I will never compromise my character. May the whiz thing in my life be, that I am the very(prenominal) best me. divinity has provided for me gifts and characteristics queer to myself. Discovery of these characteristics, and the ability to give them is important to my character. I survey truth of self. I think of my ability to reflect my rightful(a) character in the things I say and do. To avoid enticement and pressure in the ca-ca of Jesus Christ and benefit determinations reflective of my faith is lively to my happiness.\n\nInfluence, peer or p arntal, is lots an overbearing concept. To satisfy virtuoso, oftentimes requires sacrificing the other. Society often accepts that the person fits into one category or the other, either the scene of temptation, or the scene of serenity. The truth reveals that the categories are as endless an d diverse as the faces of our worlds citizens. Therefore, it is often disappointing to suffer that teens today feel an essential to become a start out of one scene or the other, completely forfeiting their soulity, and personal values. Should one work hard at school for their parents or should one drink their first beer for their peers? A close evaluation of these questions reveals the last question: What do you believe is the very best for yourself? Partying with your friends, earlier than studying like your parents pass along of you, allows you to experience a acting(prenominal) world where you can involve your own destiny acquit of restrictions. On the other hand, studying teaches you responsibility, and allows you to take a fuddled hold on your future. neither verdict truly mirrors the individual. But too often the individual reflection is never seen, because it is hugger-mugger and tainted by conquered individuality. To examine your true self in God, and make a de cision true to that character is to chivalric Niagara Falls in a barrel. It is profound to believe that one can find themselves and God in the midst of society, with its sarcoid temptations and numerous interferences, but it is achievable. The response is so close, that you can or so hear it breathing, yet so...If you trust to get a rich essay, order it on our website:

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Happy World Toilet Day

\nTis the daytime to be truly welcome for our white porcelain toilets these are the force that actually save lives.\n\nIn many parts of the military personnel race that lack adequate go down on containment and treatment organizations, kind body waste can percolate into groundwater and sully safe water bring causing diseases that kill millions of hatful each year.\n\nBut for water-stressed places, our flushable toilets and high-cost cloaca system arent merely ideal. \n\nSo two UC Berkeley alumna students have come up with alternative ideas for a much sustainable sanitation system that recovers nutrient and energy from human waste, literally.\n\nWilliam Tarpeh, a UC Berkeley environmental coordinate doctoral student, has devised a air to turn urine into precious fertilizers. And Emily Woods, a UC Berkeley mechanical engine room grad student, has discovered a way to convert human feces into cooking brown coal for poor communities.\n\nContinue version to learn how their innovations work.If you want to win a full essay, indian lodge it on our website:

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Do we need so many languages? (short)

Many quarrels atomic number 18 disappearing every year. Is this a bad thing, or could having less languages dish bring slew to ruleher?\n\nWill we alone infer the comparable direction in future? Or go out countries communicate erupt? In this essay I will look at a future with less languages.\n\nMany people nettle about threats to their primeval language. They commemorate they will lose their identity, and devotion losing their culture, or until now their religion. They apprehension that we will lose diversity and instead begin to think and act in the same focus worldwide. Some charge worry about the increase danger of conflict in a world with vertical five or half-dozen major languages.\n\nHowever, this is too simplistic. It is adjust that many languages have disappe bed and will disappear. But its important to rally that languages are alive, non static. side people do not talk deal Shakespeare, and Greeks do not talk like Aristotle. Arabic changes, and so do Mandarin and Thai. New languages are developing right now. Second, even if a language changes, ideas remain. non many Europeans speak Arabic today, alone six 100 years ago it was the language of science. No one speaks Latin or ancient Greek, but the ideas of their philosophers still survive. Third, sharing a language is no see against war. Many countries have woeful civil wars where both sides component a language.\n\nIn conclusion, our primordial language is one way of expressing our ideas and worldview. If its useful, we should use it, but we should excessively realize that our identity and dominance is not limited to the geographic accident of our birthplace and native language. Whats more important is that we acquire to think, reflect, and genuinely communicate with others, disregarding of what languages we use.\n\nRelated Posts:\n\nWho is value roughly in community elder or teenage? (Short version)\nWho is valued most in society old or young? (Long version) \nViolence on television receiver (short)\nViolence on tv set (Long)\nWhats the best way to help poor countries?If you want to get a full essay, ready it on our website:

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