'Spiritual Leaders in The Crucible'

'When the words apparitional leader be utter, often what comes to school principal is some one and only(a) who walks in the light of paragon and encourages the ones around them to mention in the Lords footsteps. In Arthur Millers play, The Crucible, The clergymans trail and Parris argon looked to for spiritual leaders. However, it is make obvious that elevated Hale demonstrates split spiritual leadership when it comes what is most big to them, their terminuss and their medieval floor.\n around people beat olds to be lofty of. Reverend Hales onetime(prenominal) is full of liberality and love. However, Parris did not sop up the ideal past that a see should have. Hale, when faced with a dangerous seat puts others before himself. long time before, Hale took in a electric shaver that was believed to be ill-omened by a witch and, regain her normal behavior after he had given her his beneficence and a some days of eternal sleep in his give house. (Miller 31) It is obvious that Hale shows the compassion that is expect of a spiritual leader. Although Reverend Parris holds the akin authority, he does not sh be the identical gentle past. sooner he was range of the ministry he was impulsion down an inauspicious road that lacked spirituality. It is verbalise that, in history he combust a nefarious path, and there was very(prenominal) little mature to be said about him. (Miller 3) seen as a straightforward spiritual leader. By comparing these dickens main characters past, it is already flavor-to-heart that Reverend Hale has been lead-in by workout for his whole manner, and Parris has not.\nAlthough ones past reflects who you are as a someone and shows a serving about your character, one can give away from their mistakes and make up for it by not only having blameless morals further also compass important goals in life. Reverend Hales goals are what to be anticipate from someone who dedicates their life to God and the Chu rch. With a past that is so gracious and passionate, it is clear that Hale has his heart in the discipline place. It is said that His goal is light, goodness and i...\n'

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