Child Observation Reflective Journal Essay Sample

Child Observation Reflective Journal Essay SampleCreating a child observation reflection journal is the best way to help your child. This tool will help you monitor and report on their activities. You can use it to check if they are happy and content, at home or away from home. It also enables you to check their behavior, whether they are being good kids or are behaving bad.You can't keep track of every time when they have done something wrong. There is the best way to do this. You can collect data regarding what the child has been doing. You can even keep a record of all their activities. You may record how much they eat, how many times they sleep, their exercise time, their habits during meals, their sleeping hours, etc.Just write down what you observe and take action against the actions. If they have been disobedient, put a stop to it. They should never be punished.Once you get started, you can collect data regarding what the child has been doing during the day. You can either kee p a diary or record them on the child observation journal. Record how long they spend at home or outside with you. You can then analyze their behavior, evaluate their quality of life, and what are the effects.As we see in today's world, you can get caught in relationships that may be just for a day but have not lasted for years. All you can do is to see how much the relationship has changed. This is also the best way to give time for both parties to mend.The child observation journal can be helpful for both of you. As parents, you can analyze the ways the child can be trained in staying away from bad habits. This way, you can teach them to stay away from bad behaviors. After that, you can review how they behave in school, and how the student is doing in class.By creating a child observation journal, you will be able to have an insight about your child. All this will help you better understand him. He will come up with better ways of behavior. He will act well when in other areas as well.

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