Spongebob Writing Essay

Spongebob Writing EssaySpongebob is in high school now, but that hasn't stopped him from writing a 500 word essay on how to plan and host an ultimate frisbee team. Written and well presented, it will definitely get his marks up.In his first episode, Spongebob was just a sponge who didn't know anything, but he's learned so much over the years. After being forced to wear a top hat and tails for a time, he realized his purpose and found a purpose for himself. This gives him insight on what other individuals can find valuable in their lives.We all have different ability and talents that we are given the opportunity to use. Spongebob's ability to have sponge juice instead of regular juice is a gift he has, but he has also learned the importance of doing things. He has been taught about perspective, people, perspective, tasks, and goals. His writing skills were not as strong as he thought they would be, and he's taken responsibility for that.Learning to take responsibility for things is on e of the most important things to do. It takes us out of our comfort zone, which in itself can be beneficial. This can allow us to better adjust to whatever circumstance arises. It's just another way we learn.Spongebob has learned how to take responsibility for his strengths and weaknesses. If he knows he's going to be successful, he won't get discouraged when something doesn't go right. He's also learned to let go of his fears. He's confident in himself and his abilities, and that makes him realize he's ready to take on a challenge.As someone who's planning a career change, Spongebob's plan is to make an Ultimate Frisbee league that's for everyone. He's got such a good handle on everyone and everything already in his plan. He isn't afraid to be creative and imaginative. That gives him the best chance at success. Anyone who wants to try it out can sign up for one of his leagues.His essay can be found online through the web. It's easy to understand, it's well organized, and it contai ns lots of useful information. With all the information out there it makes it easy to learn. You don't have to be a genius to understand what he's trying to say, just like you don't have to be an expert to think about the ways you can improve your life.It's just a simple idea. A school organizing Ultimate Frisbee league just like Spongebob did in his first episode. It's just another way to learn and get better with the world around us. It's a positive learning experience that everyone can benefit from.

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