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A Developmental Worker Analysis: (337)Question 1: The first value that I would bring to a developmental worker for a government agency would be to provide solidarity within a neo-liberal culture. The current examples of this form of managerial form of cooperation between corporate suppliers of resources and the governmental collectivization process. Solidarity amongst all parties is crucial for maintain a cooperative organization that can adjust through complex community actions and the managerial aspects of producing goods and services through the organization. This can include crating a managerial environment in which workers find common bonds that drive them to achieve success in community work. More so, an extension of this type of†¦show more content†¦The third value of â€Å"participatory approaches† is well founded as a means in which I could bring together various government, private sector, and community arrangement as development worker. For instance, Munater et al (year?) defines the Venezuelan approach t o health care, which has provided this type of interactive participation in the management process: â€Å"Organized community action, genuine-community partnerships, solidarity between two low-income to middle-income countries (Venezuela and Cuba), and no involvement fro the main players in the global arena† (p.225). These aspects of self-reliance are important within a neo-liberal context, since they rely on a highly cooperative and interactive system that does not rely on global organizations. Question 2: I chose many of these localized values due to the importance of achieving organizational success without the overarching pressures of financial debt and resources allocation within the global free market system. For instance, many countries under the WTO, UN, or the World Bank have o abide certain rules that govern the funding, allocation of resources, and the first world policies that can inhibit third world developmental workers trying to help the local community. However, this is not to say that I cannot create alliances and cooperatives with these organizations, but that they do not have complete control over the

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