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Steroids in Baseball â€Å"We have to make some radical move to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters can t win and steroids has put us in the position that it s OK to cheat† (â€Å"Steroids Quotes†). Unfortunately, baseball has been plagued with the assistance of performance enhancing drugs to lengthen players careers, to boost statistics, and create an extraordinary ballplayer out of an average player. Contrary to the steroid abusers’ beliefs, steroids do not positively influence any aspect of their game. The credibility and dignity of baseball has decreased due to performance enhancing drugs, which is not only cheating, but it also leads into a even more serious social case: drug addiction, affecting personal relationships and spiritual†¦show more content†¦Due to the use of performance enhancers, the dignity of the game of baseball has been cushioned and the whole idea of a player being great can no longer be determined due to the fact that they ma y have cheated. Accurate representation of players abilities are hard to determine by statistics due to the enhancers. In essence these athletes present numbers that are lies and in result taint baseball’s record book and history. Steroids may rejuvenate a player’s youthful talent, but statistics show that steroid filled baseball seasons actually show a decline in statistics. It is said that Ramirez â€Å"at age 36 seemed to rejuvenate his health and his swing, playing in all but nine regular-season games and almost doubling his home run output from the previous season, from 20 to 37.† Yes, his abilities were enhanced, but with what benefit? Ramirez may have brought back life and another chance to play the game like he used to, but in the end, his athletic character was denied. I mean nobody will lose respect for a player who starts off as a star and just dies off through the years: it’s called getting old. This process happens, and if you go out with int egrity playing wholeheartedly, not one person will deny your abilities as a ballplayer. Ramirez chose the wrong path though. He was dying off, experiencing the side effects of old age, and he did not like this. He got involved with the steroids, and he loved

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