Essay Topics About Pollution - Take Note of the Real Story Behind a Topic

Essay Topics About Pollution - Take Note of the Real Story Behind a TopicThere are many essay topics about pollution, but not all of them are like other subjects. Some topics on which it is hard to write our environmental topics. It is not always easy to get an idea of the real story behind a given subject. In order to overcome this problem, you need to have a lot of prior knowledge and experience on the topic.Whether your topic is in connection with the environment or some related subjects, it needs to be properly researched, and it has to be backed up by the public opinion. No matter how well-informed you are about the topic, you cannot cover everything that you need to cover in an essay topic. Therefore, this kind of essay topics about pollution are important.Environmental issues also do not discriminate between rich and poor people. There are poor people who feel that the poor people in the third world should be giving more importance to the environment. The same people will not give equal attention to the rich people who live in Europe. Therefore, people from every corner of the globe can relate to the environment, and there will be no discrimination between the rich and the poor people.This does not mean that you can forget about the plight of the poor in the third world, as pollution is a major problem. What you have to remember is that the poor people will always find a way to cause pollution, because they are not able to afford the latest gadgets. For example, if they can afford a mobile phone, it is not very clean, so why buy it?In any case, they will not have access to a power source, and their homes are not very comfortable, so the air quality will be bad too. Even though their houses will not be very beautiful, and they will live in very small houses, so this doesn't really mean that they are very rich. They may be very poor, but this doesn't mean that they are environmentally-disadvantaged.It is a fact that most rich people have a lot of money, bu t this does not necessarily make them environmentally-disadvantaged. They are rich in terms of their overall comfort level, but they are still wealthy. Therefore, they will do what they want, but they will also take care of the environment. Thus, the poor people will still be facing the same environmental issues in the years to come.You must remember that essay topics about pollution deal with the problems faced by all people. It will not only deal with poor people, or those who live in places where pollution is a big problem. It will also deal with rich people, middle class people, and upper class people. If you are writing essays about pollution, you must deal with all these sections, or else you will not be able to cover all the points you need to.You may also want to include some examples of pollution in some polluted areas. Some examples can be rivers, or air pollution. In order to cover the topic adequately, you have to be sure that you have detailed knowledge about pollution and its causes. You also have to study the scientific theories regarding the topic.

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