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This is often a standard format for presenting research findings, and regardless of whether imposed by the journal for acceptance, or employed by the authors on their own, it's helpful towards the reader who needs to look for out specific facts around the research.

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The authors are much less obvious in presenting the research question that they're examining. Though the last sentence of the abstract signifies that the question involved the effectiveness of "mandatory use of electronic mail," this is not clearly said as the hypothesis. The reader can infer that this really is the hypothesis inside abstract as well as other hints given by the authors. Indeed, the queries known as the authors as the "research questions"--how much do employees us the system, how satisfied are they on the system, etc.--are not clearly linked to the mandatory implementation hypothesis. This fundamental aspect on the research--what the authors had been genuinely investigating--could had been stated far more clearly.

The authors are careful to link their contemporary search to work performed by Hiltz and Johnson (1989), and they contrast their work to that of Davis (1989). These earlier studies focused on defining what constitutes acceptance of an electronic communication system, as well as the authors produce each Hiltz's and Johnson's and Davis's perspectives quite clearly.

However, the authors return towards dilemma of mandatory implementation as component on the reason that All-In-1 has achieved the acceptance that it has from the College of Organization in their Implications subsection from the Summary. Mandatory implementation was not discussed throughout the research discussion, as well as the ANOVA analysis, which the authors spend significant time discussing, has nothing to do of the mandatory question. However, this again raises the dilemma of regardless of whether the hypothesis that the authors had been intent on studying was the mandatory implementation from the system.

The authors use Hiltz and Johnson as the source for their Likert questionnaire, as well, changing the survey only on the thing that they identify by name the specific communication tool becoming evaluated. The authors look to become from the opinion that they could not increase on a earlier survey form, and that it has already been rigorously evaluated and discovered acceptable.

The authors introduce ANOVA analysis to suggest that there's difference between the various task types with regard towards the survey results. The ANOVA results are employed to justify presenting the details segregated by work classification throughout the report. However, the differences among the career classifications are a matter of degree and satisfaction, of the faculty having--in general--a lower degree of satisfaction with utilizing All-In-1 and also a lower overall perceived benefit associated with All.

The authors are careful in their Summary section to identify the limited nature from the understand one college in 1 university--and to encourage restraint by readers once interpreting the results. The authors note themselves how the samples were not randomly selected, and that benefits may be skewed as a result of this.

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