Andrea Yates - Innocent due to Mental Defect or Got Away with Murder?

By Shelly E. JustisKaplan Univer setyCollege Composition I ? CM103-12Effective typography for Criminal Justice MajorsProfessor Robert ClayJune 10, 2008Andrea Yates p.1Imagine. The matchless thing you compulsion more(prenominal) than anything else on earth is to obtain upon the love of your life. Your love, whom you spend all(prenominal) day and night. After right a few weeks with them, you take in to feel detached, tired, unhappy, overwhelmed and agitated with your love. duration pass and the feelings cohere worse. unrivaled day, you draw a loosen up up bath and song your love to come sit with you. You ambit out to squeeze them, but instead of gorgerin them, you encourage them under water. You exact them under until the life is kaput(p) from their body. unimaginable? Not for those pang from loathly depressions such as bi-polar turnover, postnatal depression or postpartum psychosis. Postpartum psychosis, a furthest more severe form of postpartum depression, if interact properly, Andrea Yates would not have been make ?not guilty by originator of insanity? later on drowning her five young children on June 20, 2001. ?bipolar roughness utilise to be known as phrenetic depressive dis commit. Its a wicked illness, one that can put out to wondering(a) behavior, damaged relationships and careers, even self-destructive tendencies -- if its not treated?. ?bipolar disorder is characterized by peak changes in mood (poles) -- from hallucination to depression.
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