Traffic is developing rapidly all round the world at present. What are the traffic problems in your country? What causes these problems? Make some recommendations.

Transportation has been developing quick in recent years, especi all t agedy in large cities. However, it mustiness be admitted that, a farseeing with the benefits of the rapid educate of urban occupation, start start come certain problems. unmatchable of the biggest problems, in my opinion, is- traffic jams in some heavily be cities. It has create common to condition passengers and drivers having to wait in long lines of carriagees and cars base at a snails pace on the streets during the knock hours. There are several reasons for this problem. First, the piss of vehicles is increasing much to a greater extent(prenominal) rapidly than the building of pathways. No so iodiner has a brand-new road been completed and exposed to public traffic than it is herd with all kinds of vehicles. Second, there come out to be too legion(predicate) occult cars and non rich public buses. In about cases, a car carries simply one or two people, go it occupies almost half(a) the space a bus does. Third, many people, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists do not obey traffic rules properly, especially at finicky intersections. And this doubtless worsens the already grave situation. In sight of the serious-mindedness of this problem, effective measures must be taken onward things breed worse. On the one hand, the government should invest more coin in the building of new roods and the repairing and maintenance of old ones, peculiarly those in busy areas of the cities. On the other hand, the sum of backstage cars in urban areas should be limited turn the number of public buses should be increased.
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