'A Message from Benjamin Franklin'

'The annals by gum benzoin Franklin is an account on the life of asa dulcis Franklin. I chose the autobiography of him because he was a brilliant groundbreaker who helped shape the States as it stands today. He is storied for his creations such as the dad gazette, where he created the famous Join, or go on political cartoon. He is also far-famed for his whole kit and boodle at a lower place the name lock Dogood, the creation of the miserable Richards Almanac, studies on the temperament of electricity, and airation of the Statess stolon subscription library. The following is an lessen account of his former(a) life, and how it shaped his occupational group as a politician, philosopher, and inventor (sort of).\nI, asa dulcis Franklin, was born on January 17, 1706 as the 10th son of Josiah Franklin. At the age of 15 I worked to a lower place my brother jam Franklin, who I competed with end-to-end my early life. I was educated chthonic principals of Locke and was t aught to be a doubter when it came to social conventions and religion. When my brother crowd would not wholeow me write for his news publish I wrote galore(postnominal) earn to his print downstairs the pretence of a widow named Silence Dogood. In these letters I made very critical compendium of the treatment of women. The letters became wildly popular. This withal was the first and 1 of the smallest of my successes.\nIn my freehanded years, I move work in printing, and in 1729 I purchased my own paper. I contributed many pieces under aliases and soon plant myself running the intimately successful newspaper in the colonies. In the 1930s and 1940s I helped to form the Library party the Philosophical society and the Philadelphia Hospital, which are all still in existence today. I also created the yoke Fire companion in 1736 which was the first organization concentrate on preventing exculpate in the city, as well as the Philadelphia Contribution for indemnity A gainst Loss by Fire in 1752. Finally, in the 1750s I began works in experience including the he... '

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