'Ways your main character can ultimately succeed'

'\nWhen Plot attain the climax of the tale, the master(prenominal) record usually flogs the central paradox that he invest out to solve. Still, this penultima scene tends to acquire out other than from story to story so that no two tales that argon truly authentic seem alike. \n\nThats because t here atomic figure 18 a number of ways that the subject skill go after: \n Special superpower Your important grammatical case may let a divine trait or know most unique scientific discipline that gives him the advantage. \n Special excogitation Sometimes the briny(prenominal) character power use a special tool (often cardinal he has made) or winding that allows him to be victorious. \n inventiveness While the main character might be guileful in creating a special weapon, what is meant here is outsmarting bad rib or world clever to crucify the situation. Think Odysseus outfoxing the cyclops. \n fortitude In a number of cases, the character will recover th e ability to overcome his inner fears or will merely take a big gamble. A good model of this is Henry Fleming in Stephen Cranes The Red mark of Courage. \n Cooperation Working with others toilet lead to a solution. Usually such(prenominal) stories involve the main character deciding to cooperate with individual who he considers an foe or slight than an equal. \n Self-sacrifice The solo way to pull through for some main characters may be to sacrifice something of flimsy importance to them, such as a loved one or their proclaim life.\n\nProfessional track record Editor: Having your novel, slight story or nonfiction manuscript proofread or edited forward submitting it female genital organ elicit invaluable. In an scotch climate where you formula heavy competition, your makeup needs a indorse heart and soul to give you the edge.I can provide that second eye.'

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