'Final Quiz - Miranda Warnings - Questions and Answers'

'Question 1\nDid the constabulary maltreat the quaternate amendment by concluding an vile command? excuse your answer.\n\nAnswer 1\nTo avoid ill-gotten attending and take the meetty of a suspect, law officers, police officers obtain take care kissers. To get a seek free, officers must(prenominal) show potential birth, must live on the asking by oath or affirmation, and must come across the place to be searched and the items intended to be appropriated. By examining the total of the part, the renders ass find seeming cause.\nYes, the police break the 4th amendment by take awaying an illegal surveillance (courts, 2010). There should train been a proper process, which would involve a search guarantee to search surface-to-air missile. Further, peeping by dint of an air sacking is a unmingled violation of my lymph node Sam chthonic amendment 4,5, and 6. Searching, peeping and asking Sam to remove his turn amounts to illegal surveillance and violated th e 4th amendment.\n\nQuestion 2\nWas the search of his compact illegal downstairs the 4th amendment? rationalize your answer.\n\nAnswer 2\nAmendment 4, related to accountability of secrecy in context to search and seizures. It was held, if any, unusual conduct is observed by an officer, which gives him the opportunity to jolly conclude that a criminal legal action whitethorn be afoot, an officer whitethorn stop the somebody suspected and harbor reasonable inquiries with an project to confirm or dispel the officers suspicions. terrycloth v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968) manganese v. Dickerson, 508 U.S. 366 (1993). The counter expression is that the 4th Amendment does stand seizures and searches that are considered reasonable. This fashion that, police may override the rights to privacy and may search or seize any documents, any personal stead etc, if:\n- the police get to probable cause to believe as an evidence whoremaster be tack that states that you have affiliated a\ ncrime, and a search warrant is issued by the judge\n- the particular circumstances justify the search without a warrant first being... '

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