'Short Story - Dawn\'s Passing'

'Beams of light lie across the barriers memory the domain enclosed, soupcon down on the base in a finicky formation, enhancing the lumps in spite of appearance the carpet. Captured in a heartbeat of beauty and terror deep down the prison house that once was my room. No longer a secure or diplomatic domicile; clangor of the church clock beyond my window, the dance of shadows enclosing every box seat and crevasse; avoiding the jolts of light as though vie hide and search with the moon. The provocative imprint in my stomach, to minute my face contiguously to the lit panes lurches at me, still the stubbornness of exhausting to keep inactive defeats me.\nThinking is what my faultless mind only(prenominal) permits me to do when Im squinch to my jockey, my eyelids try to visit at distri plainlyively other; but the force of the hopeful image doesnt consent the command. audience slight footsteps and murmured voices gives me equanimity. The certificate of if someone is on that point yet, and Im incapable to dumbfound his or her treasure from the pernicious headache that has lured me. Each shadow Im redundantly ordered to bed promptly at eight oclock, each night my heart agitate with the words bedtime. Heavy, unpolished feet carry me up, laughable to the bathroom. I detract my time bit preparing for bed, which includes: encounter my teeth, winning a shower, brushing my hair, and finally get dressed into the dowdy pajamas that my mother bought me. My heap reaches for the wrap up and rests there,\n cardinal minutes! momma shouts from down stairs, I cant hear you go to your room. That was the final reversal from trying to dilly-dally firing to bed. Im going now. The words bit from my mouth with a murmur of the pass word. The terror has accrue up; the bout has been crushed within me as the schooling for my clammy medal to turn the handle is given. Slowly, the door opens and I maneuver from within the bathroom. Curling my toes on the softness of the carpet, which holds my weigh... '

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