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Nature of God Referred to as timeless Father -Ether 3:14 -mosiah 3:8, -mosiah 15:2 -mosiah 16:15 -1 nephi -alma11:38-39 -2 Nephi 25:12; -Helaman 14:12, 16:18; -Ether 4:7 one god -alma 11:26-33 - - polygamy - jacob 2:24 highlite still//KJV in the BOM - Alma 18,19 king lamonis healing vs. washbowl 12 healing of lazarus - Mosiah 27:10-24 conversion of alma vs. pauls conversion in acts 9:1-18 -Alma and Amuleks escape from prison house in Alma 14 compared with Paul and Silas rescue from prison in Acts 16 -Jareds daughter start up for Akish in Ether 8 and Salome dancing for Herod in Matthew 14. - ***KJV mistiming - Malachi 4:1-2 is quoted or alluded to several time in First and routine Nephi. (See I Nephi 22:15 and II Nephi 26:4, for physical exercise). The hassle is that Lehi and his family supposedly left capital of Israel forward the Babylonian seduction - Malachi, however, was a post-exilic prophet.
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vs 24 calves of standstill agnize malachi 4:2 - ***KJV mistiming - Matthew 3:10 quoted in Alma 5:52 - ***KJV mistiming - I Corinthians 15:53 quoted in Mosiah 16:10 - ***KJV mistiming - Romans 8:6 in II Nephi 9:39 - ***KJV anachronism - In three Nephi 20:23-26, save upyman quotes a sermon that Peter had nevertheless to deliver at Pentecost, recorded in Acts 3:22-26. - ***KJV anachronism - In III Nephi 18:29, deliverer quotes a line that Paul had non yet written, in I Corinthians 11:29, with regard to the Eucharist. - ***KJV anachronism - A final example: In III Nephi 28:8, saviour quotes I Corinthians 15:52-53 with regard to the Resurrection. Archaeology/ farming/animals contradiction in price to current day Mormon doctrine - Christ says that the gospel is faith, repentance, baptism ONLY. some(prenominal) pedagogics beyond that will lead to hell. (3 Nephi 11:31-40) -Mary conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy weirdy (Alma 7:10), by macrocosm carried away in the odour (1 Nephi 11:15-19) - Alma 7:10 - jesus...If you want to get a full essay, severalise it on our website: Orderessay

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