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Title: response of carboxylic Acids Objective: To Determine The answer of Carboxylic Acids Procedure: As referred to Lab manual. Results: A. Salt Formation | compound |Solvent |Solubility | |benzoic Acid |Cold excrete |Partially alcohol-soluble | |benzoic Acid |10 % NaOH |soluble | B. Salt Hydrolysis atomic number 11 ethanoate dissolvent changed the color of litmus test from red to blue. C. Reaction With Sodium Carbonate Observation : A corporation of gas bubbles was released. D. Esterification Ethanol : fruity smell Isopentanol : Fruity smell Questions: 1. project a line an equating that accounts for the solubility of benzoic sulfurous in aqueous base. (C6H5)COOH + OH- ? (C6H5)COO- + H2O 2.
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What would you brook to happen if a consequence of atomic number 11 benzoate was acidified? save an equation. If a firmness of sodium benzoate was acidified, Na in sodium benzoate solution come out alone displaced by the H+ from the acid and olibanum producing benzoic acid. (C6H5)COO-Na+ + H2O/H+ ? (C6H5)COOH + Na+ + OH- 3. Use your answers to Questions 1 and 2 to explain how a weewee-insoluble completed acid office be freed of non-acidic impurities. Water-insoluble extreme acid move be freed of non-acidic impurities by adding self-colored base into it during fractional distillation. The water-insoluble primitive acid will reply with the strong to produce an noggin salt which is soluble in water. On the other hand, water-insoluble organic acid which ar fairly soluble in water can be extracted by aqueous base from solution in an organic solvent. The fact that organic acid are weak acids and sole(prenominal) partially dissociates in water will make up the acid to be freed of non-acidic impurities. The salt solutions are alkaline. 4....If you want to ascertain a full essay, smart set it on our website: Orderessay

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