Comparing Psychological Theories

Comparing Psychological Theories Rebecca Graham This evidence depart look at trinity psychological theories, Freuds Psychoanalytic Theory, Behaviourism or Learning Theory and humanist Theory. It will describe for apiece one of these, and then will aim to evaluate their merits and failings. psychological science is the skill of the human mind, and seeks to discover human doings, thought and emotion (Cherry, nd). As American psychologist Zimbardo state in 1992, Psychology is the scientific chew over of the behaviour of individuals, and their metal processes. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was an Austrian desexualise who spent most of his workings life researching the unconscious minds of his patients. He would encourage them to lie in on his couch and speak freely. He used a technique called free association, where patients would be encouraged to recall events and occurrences in their babehood, and to try and remember how they tangle about them (Davenport, 1996). From these detailed race shell studies he highly-developed his Psychoanalytic Theory. Freud believed that the personality has three parts, the id, the egotismtism and the superego. The id deals with the most basal part of our personality and tally to Freud kit and boodle on the pleasure principle. The id demands pleasure or to be satisfied, simply is chimerical and not based in reality (Class pack, 2011).
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However, the ego is in touch with the real world, and realises that with reasonable and less(prenominal) demanding behaviour ids demands can be make to a greater accomplishment effectively. The superego is like the conscience, it negotiates between the id and the ego to assure that the ego is ontogenesis acceptable behaviour to indulge ids demands (Class Pack, p3). Freud believed that a shaver had to go through and through 4 stages, and any stage that was not properly fulfilled would present itself in some interdict personality trait by and by in life. When still a baby and primarily controlled by the id, Freud believed that a child unquestionable to success in fully pass through what he called the oral stage. This...If you thirst to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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