Confucianism Confucianism is a system of moral, social, political, and religious teachings made by a man known as Confucius. All believers look at him as we would toward God. It is mostly on the ancient Chinese traditions and how it teaches you right-hand(a) virtues Confucianism is taught in places in East Asia much(prenominal) as, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. each venomous needs to be a Chun-Tzu. A Chun-Tzu is a person with perfect moral character. more or less people who practice this regard to become a Chun-Tzu. It advocates some(prenominal) virtues such as, wisdom, courage, trus devilrthiness, reverence, and uprightness. Confucianism has a alive(p) worship for offerings to the dead. The body is water-washed and is put into a coffin. The chew is held like any opposite funeral. They pay either a Buddhist or Taoist priest, or a Christian minister do the ceremony. The main leave is called a willow branch. This symbolizes the soul of the person who has passed on. They have liturgies that happen on the seventh, the ninth, and the fourty-ninth daylight after the funeral has taken place. It helps you to conform to your details to your everyday lifestyle. thither is no priesthood the ministers that are in the righteousness are non priests, but heads of families, feudal lords, and the king.
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on that point are two major texts that are divided into two major categories known as mightinesss and Shuh. Kings have five books; Shao-King, She-King, Y-King, Li-Ki, and Hiao-King. The King texts are the most important. The root one called, The disc of History, is almost the religious and moral notion of the people. The second is called, The harbor of Songs, is amply of about 305 poems traced back to the clock of the Shang Dynasty. The third text is called, The take for of Changes, this describes the native plants and how all part of it is connected to the main religion ,the fourth one is called, The Book of Rites. This shows the how the clement should truly act, from human actions, to family relations. And the last text is called, The...If you essential to get a rich essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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