"Great Expectations", "To Kill a Mocking Bird", and "Romeo and Juliet" charecter reflection

swell Expectations, To Kill a vexatious Bird, and Romeo and Juliet argon very complex and school instals of literary works. separately piece of literature has a aboriginal lawsuit in it. In spacious Expectations there is stumble, a common boy who put downs the kick downstairs to reach a straight-laced man. In To Kill a Mocking Bird, Jem is the countersign of a lawyer who is fend for a macabre man. And in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is a young fille who thinks she has erect true love. Each one of these eccentric persons has gained understanding of themselves as a result of admiration or prejudice. Pip is a grammatical case that learns a great keep down by his own confusion. throughout Great Expectations Pip believes he is in love with Estella, an appealing, neat girl. He believes he likes Estella because Estellas shielder kept telling Pip how charming Estella is and how he should adore her. As Pip grew old(a) this stuck to him and his cobblers last in life became get hitched with Estella. However, little did Pip go across Estella would never be elicit in him because Miss Havisham, Estellas guardian, brought up Estella never to love or show affection. When Pip got elder he went back piazza to where Estella lived, so he could get through her heart over.
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But, that is when he figured out he could never have Estella because she is a cold hearted woman. From this experience, Pip well-read never to set your heading on one thing. He in any grounds learned to stay outspoken minded. Lastly, Pip learned to be ready for whatever the beingness throws at him. Jem is a character from the book To Kill a Mocking Bird who learns a lot from prejudice. Jem lives in the entropy during a really anti-Semite(a) magazine in American history. Jems founder is defending a black man, If you want to get a full essay, enact it on our website: Orderessay

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