Progress Report

Progress Report on Building a nance Size Bed Frame The objective of this project is to construct a king size have intercourse class from unclouded xerox and plyboard. This will save notes versus buying one from a furniture store or protrude each(prenominal)ow. This progress discusses the step I have taken as of March 10, 2012. revenue enhancement A - Internet look and Plan Drawing (February 19, 2011) The enquiry on the internet was conf office and sometimes very frustrating. around sites undeniable that I take over for a contrive, with no guarantees that I would the likes of what I purchased. At this nous I decided to imply up my own plan based on a picture I embed in a pickup at Lowes and knowing I had the skill and ability to do it. I drew up the plan and figured out(p) what material I would involve in about 30 minutes. chore B - buying of Material (February 26, 2011) After a t draw to ingleside Hardware, Home Depot, and Lowes, I inflexible that the worst overall damage would be to buy everything require from Lowes. On February 28th I rented a truck and purchased everything from the listen I created. I to a fault had customer service at Lowes rip all of the plyboard to the correct dimensions so I would be saved that seam at home. Task C - raw(a) and Some Assembly (February 29 - March 4, 2011) Cutting: * I first crook all of the one butt on white-hot pine to match the dimensions of the plyboard cut earlier at Lowes.
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* I then cut the 2x6 joists to the proper length. * Lastly I cut the joist hangers from small pieces of left over(p) over plywood. Pasting * I use PL Premium (super adhesive) to laminate the one inch white pine to the duplicate plywood. I utilise diverse clamps to hold them together and let them sit over iniquity to cure. * I also utilise the PL Premium to hold the plywood joist hangers to the head and foot boards. Task D - Finishing the Edges and a Minor Correction (March 11, 2011) I did not requisite any sharp edges on the throw up so I apply my router to round all the corners. I then sanded them all debonnaire in preparation for...If you emergency to get a to the full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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