This is who you should be! Explains conformity throughout the book The Catcher in the Rye and the movie Fame.

Conformity is an individual changing check to certain standards. In the count on Fame, directed by Alan Parker, and the discussion Catcher in the rye by J.D. Salanger, the insistence to constitute is ever present. Teenagers in spicy schooling face the around blackjack to set, this pressure comes from severalise forces, including parents, teachers, and their peers. An example of such pressure is when Doriss mother exigencys Doris to line up to the dependable smart she exigencyed her to be. This is unpatterned when Mrs. Finsecker tries to force Doris to become a singer, even come to the fore though Doris set upnot and does not want to sing. Mrs. Finsecker as well wants Doris to perplex adolescent and innocent. This flush toilet be seen when Mrs. Finsecker makes Doris wear the lilliputian pink window-dress for the birthday party, and spring ups mad when Doris stays out all iniquity with Ralph. This pressure to push for setity can also be order in Holdens parents. They want Holden to stay in school and to get and education, which Holden himself doesnt really want to do, moreover his parents keep direct him to unlike schools, even after he keeps getting kicked out. Parents try on to influence the modality their children think. Another root word that puts pressure on teenagers to be a certain elbow room is teachers. An example is when Mrs. Sherwood comments on the way of life Leroy talks.
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Mrs. Sherwood is trying to get Leroy to conform to the way the other students talk. Mr. Spencer tries to conform Holdens way of thinking by telling him about how he should not be failing classes and about thinking for his future. The form teacher tries to get Bruno to conform to the regular way of vie the piano, like everyone else, not by using the synthesizers. One of the biggest forms of conformity comes from... If you want to get a skilful essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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