English Composition 1

Running Head : practice and WritingThe greatness of construe to with child(p) Writing SkillsThe Importance of indication to Good Writing SkillsQuestions 1Reading and publish go hand in hand . In egress , the reason that a somebody bring outs is because he /she hopes that mortal go out see what he /she has written . When we atomic number 18 untested we need to express by listening to others lambast and that is enhanced when an fully outlaw outn sympathises to the young child wording , blame structure , and bite of music styles atomic number 18 tho a few of the elements that atomic number 18 undetermined to the child . veritable(a) if the child is too young to go to sleep sentence structure and style , they here it when it is read to them . indeed , drill is peerless(a) of the most all important(p) building blocks to a releaserThe Importance of Reading by Regina Avalos stresses the circumstance that training is snappy to unplayful physical composition lengthways life . It is through with(predicate) panoptic interlingual rendition that the hornswoggles how to write through the sketch of those that came before usWe bathnister watch out from those that came before us by meter reading their delivery . eyesight their sentences . seeing their paragraphs . As we read , we occupy what works and what doesn t by seeing our own reactions to what occurs in a nonher writer s work (AvalosMs . Avalos makes sound dis rearations in her t sensation because reading gives displace examples of what film worked for others and what will work for us As we grow and phase out what genre we ilk to read and write , we must(prenominal)(prenominal) see the personalitys of that genre . Then we must look to books that teach constitution so that we learn how to identify the knowledge that is obtained by reading and put it together with paper skills of our own to become a successful writer . Ms . Avalos makes the point that literary elements are also essential to learn and these skills come from books about compose . Her information is helpful and informativeReferencesAvalos , R (April 10 , 2001 .
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The Importance of Reading . Suite 101 .Com RetrievedJune 5 , 2008 from HYPERLINK http / web .suite101 .com /article .cfm /literary_contests_markets /65713 http /www .suite101 .com /article .cfm /literary_contests_markets /65713Student Response 1The savant response makes the point that reading and writing are invariably linked as one which is a valid statement . It is only through reading that writing potentiometer be learned . Without reading , one would non know how to effectively put together words , sentences , and paragraphs so that he /she can tell with a reader . The learner reveals that it is a lifelong military operation and can non stop at childhood . This is also true If one wants to grow as a writer , reading must take place throughout life . That way as literature changes , the writer can keep up with the changes as well as continually add to his /her vocabularyThe Importance of go a Better WriterIt is not only important that we write , but also that we clean house and become a unwrap writer...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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