The High Price of Crime

Suppose that youve grown up and chip in settled push down with your own precise family. In making a family, you have brought to life an amazing precise girl that is your world, you watch her grow up, by dint of the good and bad times. You raised her with good morals and views on life. You watch her mature into a special woman. Then in less than a dash of an eye shes gone. Shes disappeargond from work, from social media, and has floated into decoct air. Missing persons reports are filed and searches are conducted. Weeks go by, then months. Finally, a body is found. Its your sweet little baby daughter. The coroner concludes that your little girl was baffled and clogged to decease by someone. foregone forever by the turn over of one human being. distinguish is gathered and a shady is arrested. The trial ensues and the jury convicts the doubt only when the suspect all draws 25 years in prison. Wouldnt that outrage you? If I were the bring forth I would want the gramp us to be executed for putting to death my daughter. The same can be said for any pillowcase of murder involving women, children, and men. That is why the death penalty should be brought substantiate as a important way of prosecution for criminals of flagitious umbrages such as rape and murder. In fact, not wholly should the death penalty be more widely used, but old methods should be brought brook also to scare electromotive force criminals into not appointting nasty crimes such as rape and murder.\nI think that one spectacular reason why criminals commit disgusting crimes is because the punishments that are implemented arent as bad as they seem to the criminal. If the punishments were scarier and more ruthless, the crimes of murder, rape, and others would go down. In Edward Kochs essay, Luis Vera said when asked virtually the crime he committed, yeah I shot her. She knew me, and I knew I wouldnt go to the tone down (Pg. 169). If he had known that utilise the electr ic chair was a big possibility and that he could face it, Vera might not have committed the crime of shooting R... If you want to get a full essay, send it on our website:

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