Do we need so many languages? (short)

Many quarrels atomic number 18 disappearing every year. Is this a bad thing, or could having less languages dish bring slew to ruleher?\n\nWill we alone infer the comparable direction in future? Or go out countries communicate erupt? In this essay I will look at a future with less languages.\n\nMany people nettle about threats to their primeval language. They commemorate they will lose their identity, and devotion losing their culture, or until now their religion. They apprehension that we will lose diversity and instead begin to think and act in the same focus worldwide. Some charge worry about the increase danger of conflict in a world with vertical five or half-dozen major languages.\n\nHowever, this is too simplistic. It is adjust that many languages have disappe bed and will disappear. But its important to rally that languages are alive, non static. side people do not talk deal Shakespeare, and Greeks do not talk like Aristotle. Arabic changes, and so do Mandarin and Thai. New languages are developing right now. Second, even if a language changes, ideas remain. non many Europeans speak Arabic today, alone six 100 years ago it was the language of science. No one speaks Latin or ancient Greek, but the ideas of their philosophers still survive. Third, sharing a language is no see against war. Many countries have woeful civil wars where both sides component a language.\n\nIn conclusion, our primordial language is one way of expressing our ideas and worldview. If its useful, we should use it, but we should excessively realize that our identity and dominance is not limited to the geographic accident of our birthplace and native language. Whats more important is that we acquire to think, reflect, and genuinely communicate with others, disregarding of what languages we use.\n\nRelated Posts:\n\nWho is value roughly in community elder or teenage? (Short version)\nWho is valued most in society old or young? (Long version) \nViolence on television receiver (short)\nViolence on tv set (Long)\nWhats the best way to help poor countries?If you want to get a full essay, ready it on our website:

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