Genghis Khan and the Mongols

In Genghis caravanserai, Weatherford tries to teach us about Genghis caravansary and the Mongols. He fateed to teach us more(prenominal) about the level of piece commerce. Even though we learned a stack about the Mongols and Genghis Khan that was not the main organize he was trying to make. Genghis Khan was a real important person, and his kingdom was very important as well. The Mongols helped form the world as we know it today. Genghis Khan was a great leader and he proved it throughout the book.\nIn the introduction, Weatherford decided to write a book on the fib of world commerce. Weatherfords main point in the introduction was that the world changed from the medieval to the modern, or began to, because of the Mongols. Weatherford wrote, The bracing technology, knowledge, and commercial wealth created the conversion in which Europe rediscovered both(prenominal) of its prior culture, but more importantly, absorbed the technology for printing, firearms, the compass, and the abacus from the east (p. xxiv). \nThe first section subsequently the introduction was the move up of the Genghis Khan and the bringing together of the Mongolia. Genghis Khan also wanted to apportion down the tribes that were not courteous to him at a young age. His army began to grow large and larger. This section comprising these three chapters is very engaging. The first chapter begins with the Genghis Khan round out on the Empire, which covers much of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the source Soviet Central Asia. In this section Weatherford provides the reader with a good sense of Genghis Khans rise to power and how the Mongols viewed warfare. The Mongols did not imagine in honor in war, but rather in gaining victory. Weatherford does a good chore of illustrating that Genghis Khan was not born(p) a military headliner . This label is often apply to the Mongol leader, but he learned from the lessons of others and then grade those lessons into practice. The older Genghis Khan got the smarter he became.\nThe second section consi... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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