Creative Writing Short Story: That Guy And His Chickens

A farseeing pertinacious time ago, about when the dinosaurs were alive, in that respect was a medium-large fat ugly round cherry-red razzing that flew furiously into a w every last(predicate), and turned into a rangy thicker super retard. The super dumb retarded bird plummeted from the sky, man progress boulders sink in the magnanimoushearted blue beautiful sea. It turn over furiously down a rocky fundamentpy maladroit jagged mountain and overlook shamelessly into a big pitch black mountain in the dusty floor. It grade there behaviorless, motionless. A big, angry, annoying, epic t-rex came waddling along and found the unsound sad dumb bird laying there, all altogether in a big pitch black stack in the dirty floor. The big, bad, angry, larger-than-life t-rex decided to take profit of this time, and boldly raped it. When the modify dumb retarded round red bird awoke from its long slumber, it forgot it could fly, and climbed into a tree and layed approximat ely eggs. Then it drop from the big long endless lofty tree. The gods in the heavens on their big heavenly, luscious, firm, round, beautiful, duel, milk same(p) clouds, saw this, and started to laugh so hard until one of them fell pip. When the gods face hit the earth, the repair was so hard that it killed all the dinosaurs on earth.\n\nMillions of years later, there was a bum in the streets of chopstick town, which is right beside fork town. This bum was very young he was abandoned at the age of five. He is now 15. His imagine was to get filthy, stinking, rich so he could laugh and fling at all the concourse who left him to die. This young son was all bones, and had long embrown hair. He had heard of a gold rush in a near by area, and took advantage of this and steal a shovelful, so he could compass up some gold. So heres where his life really begins\n\nThe boy had a name once, but he couldnt remember it. well up anyways, once he stole him self a in effect(p) shovel, h e set off to dig his hole that was to demand him great riches. He arrived at an empty wasteland, it was like a desert. All you could see was immediately land for miles. But he was determined to get rich, so he put his shovel into the floor, and started digging....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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