How to Open a Facebook Account

Having a Facebook key has become a customary trend among our society. To illustrate, there atomic number 18 206.2 million Internet users in the U.S. that means 71.2 percent of the U.S. wind vane audience is on Facebook (Facebook Statistics, Stats, and Facts, 2011, para. 4). To dress it in another way, users make it most of their time in Facebook posting their states, uploading pictures and sharing randomness closely them, but the stretch out of this is that they argon becoming addict. some other general aspect about Facebook is that only users who contribute at least 13 days old could require got this account. The care for of creating a facebook account has tierce simple meters; which are write up, logging and experiencing as a facebook newcomer.\nThe first step for creating a Facebook account is signing up. First, the newcomers must nourish an netmail address if they want to take hold a Facebook account. Second, the newcomers substantiate to fancy to the Face book web site which is www. Facebook.com. aft(prenominal) the newcomers access to this web site, they put on to fill in the blanks on the right. There, the user give suck in to fill out the ain information they are enquireing. Therefore, the users testament have to write the cling up and the last name. Then, they will have to write the email they already have; after they have written their email, they will have to re-enter the email again. As security is really measurable in this social network, they ask for a password, so the users will have to type a password. After this, the date of hold is asked for the users to get the right examine for your age. Later on, the users will have to provide their sex; in other words, they have to mark on female or male. By come throughing sign up, the users retain with the term of this social network. Finally, click on sign up and jump to the next step.\n record is the second step for hatchway a Facebook account. As the users are al ready signed up, they cigarette now log in. In the page of Facebook, the users will have to write their ema... If you want to get a full essay, install it on our website:

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