Gender Gaps in the Workplace

Traditionally, wo men have been considered the weaker of the sexes, so it comes as no surprise that umpteen people dont feel strange more than or less the fact that men assoil more money than women. However, order puts an emphasis on equate human rights; therefore, grammatical gender inconsistency in the work endue has pitted women against the companies they work for. In the concur, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) get By in America, Barbara Ehrenreich depicts her hold out of living at the loafer economic class of edict; she works a design of rough jobs like organism a waitress, a house-cleaning maid, a Wal-Mart clerk, and so on.\nEhrenreichs moderate primarily discusses problems like index finger struggles and human dignity, but gender issues argon also address as she explains how impoverished girls atomic number 18 taken advantage of by various companies. Feminist surmisal claims that women are treated other than because of their gender. Today, although women are gain ing more rights and more respect than to begin with, they are gloss over assumeing from discrimination in different ways. For example, womens appearances are emphasized more than their talents; moreover, women are considered to be inherently intellectually inferior to men. Additionally, pregnant women suffer from discrimination and pressure from their employers. Overall, fit to the feminist theory, Ehrenreichs book highlights the many ways in which gender inequality continues to tack in the workplace.\nWomen have been historically regarded as the weaker group, but an incontrovertible truth is that females are getting more powerful and universe more independent than before; sometimes, they are even being more dominant than men in the workplace. According to the office staff of Labor Statistics, Women have increasingly attained higher levels of culture and experienced an increase in their earnings as a proportion of mens earnings. This room that women are facing a new situa tion in the workplace where they can give way more e...

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