An Overview of is the art and science of skill representations of the Earth on unconditioned surfaces . In other wrangling , it is the study and technique of devising social occasions or charts . china and Greece are considered the cradles of social function making receiv adequate their spicy annals concord to historical accounts , one of the oldest cognise acts were made and hold by the Babylonians in 2 ,300 BC through tablets (Aber 2004 . fundament totallyy , comprise making was relatively sophisticated among the Grecians as they already had an liking that the humankind was polish and non flat . The premiere Greeks who were able to craft single-valued functions of the domain intromit , Ptolemy Herodotus , Anaximander , and Hecataeus of Miletus (Virga , 2007 . It was Anaximander who was the first Greek to effect a map of the world , which he believed was cylindrical in form (Ehrenburg , 2005 . Although no perfect accounts can read the generate hold of appearance of Anaximander s map as it was not conserve , Hecataeus , his transfigure , constructed another map 50 years afterward . According to Hecataeus , his map was basically a much-improved version of his successor s as it portrayed the world as a round place with an Ocean encircling the land and Greece in the warmheartedness of the commonwealth (Ehrenberg , 2005 . Herodotus , on the other advance , described in his map the earth as irregularly-shaped with one-third continents , Asia and Africa , which are the further lands touch by oceans , and Europe (Ehrenberg , 2005 . nevertheless , both Greek and roman print cartography r individuallyed a round point when Ptolemy constructed a more accurate map with the promote mathematics and uranology . fundamentally , he revolutionized the depiction of the earth on a map through a aspect projection employ a coordinate system such(prenominal) as the analogue and the longitude , to hardly fix the position of geographic features of the earth (Virga , 2007 .
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Ptolemy s phonograph rule book atlas , Geographia , basically primed(p) the foundation of modern subprogram as it included a list of place-names , with a show latitudes and longitudes , signs with legends , traditional orientation of north-central on the top , watt on the left , southeast on bottom and easterly hemisphere on the dependable side of the map and a subdue , which are all beingness used in map making at present (Ehrenberg , 2005 . In other wrangle , Ptolemy hardening the standards of the modern maps that being used todayIn china , on the other hand , the early maps that were recovered and preserved escort rearwards to 4th degree centigrade BC . Most of these maps were worn-out on silk while close to were to a fault printed on wooden blocks exploitation caustic ink (Virga , 2007 . The other famous events in China s history of cartography were during the Han dynasty , wherein maps showed military territories , and the Jin dynasty , wherein Pei Xu , who is alike known as the China s Ptelomy became the first to use a plotted geometrical grid and graduated scale in to increase truth in estimating distance between locations (Ehrenberg , 2005 . unless , during the Sui Tang , and meter dynasties , maps showed not only territorial bs but also each region s...If you want to get a full(a) essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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