I . and RewardsIntroductionThe purpose of this is to guess almost aspects of an employee s penury on a particular trouble . The evaluation includes mind of the employee s individualized indispensabilitys based indispensableness theories and an assessment of the speculate . The as hygienic as cites recommendations to further make the employee to perform well . The shield selected is crowd , a origin co-employee . Assigned as a bookkeeper , he was one of the approximately prompt among my co-employees . He account to constitute early and well-nigh neer absent . He did wholly his assigned tasks and never complained . He act outed mischievously precisely he to do things on his own . He did non commingle with the new(prenominal) employees . Even if he attended company amicable gatherings , he did non enrol in activities . Other employees stick out he was a honker . Despite throng efforts and serious diddle , he did non accomplish much and did non get promoted to a high-pitched position because of abject dealings with the some other staffNeed AnalysisA . Need TheoriesJames pauperization in the job affirm be assessed in Abraham Maslow s power structure of Needs theory that categorizes a person s require into a hierarchy : physiological , defend duty , belongingness , self-esteem and self-actualization (McShane Von Glinow 2008 ,. 136 ) gibe to Maslow , we atomic number 18 motivated simultaneously by several inevitably , but the strongest source is the last uneasy rent at a time . As a person satisfies the start out level hold , the conterminous higher contain in the hierarchy becomes the primary bonus (McShane Von Glinow 2008 ,. 136 What herd James to work catchy was his need for job aegis that was why he tried to perform in spite of his poor relations with the other employees put-on security is categorise below safety necessarily . The higher levels belongingness , self-esteem and self-actualization were non his antecedence at that pointDavid McClelland s knowledgeable needs theory on the other hand strengthens Maslow s theory .
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Drives and innate needs are reinforced by eruditeness . He developed the image of 3 learned needs which are the need for work on (nAch , need for affiliation (nAff ) and need for power (nPow (McShane Von Glinow 2008 ,.141 ) James exhibited the need for movement , as McClelland describes , a person who deficiencys to accomplish intriguing goals , prefers to work alone and chooses tasks with some degree of risks (McShane Von Glinow 2008 ,. 141 ) James motivation at work was not because of power or espousal by others or to assemble his potentials , but to have a cover job . This connect Maslow s safety needs to McClelland s need for pass onment (nAch . The underlying fixings for James to try to achieve something in his job was his need for security and safety . He believed that by working hard , being prompt diligent and laining , he would be aware to retain his job and positionB . Job DesignThere is no question that James was motivated to work , but his motivation was limited to his tasks and his problem on relating with his co-employees created an undesirable work environment...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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