Eastern Philosopher Letter

Running head : CONFUCIUSConfuciusClient s NameUniversity AffiliationConfuciusDear StudentI am writing to you in the hopes of transfer lessons of great value for you as you go along with your musical mode history . In this get off , I am hoping that you would non trim d knowledge to demonstrate the Analects , as it contains most of my works and disembodied spirit s teachings (Richey . You should be able to gamble a compilation of texts that contains umteen a(prenominal) of my philosophical ideas , which you would discover adjoin primarily to morality or ethics (Richey . If you need to read any of my works in the future , I would put forward that you browse the retain of Songs and the support of Documents , both of which ar my own literature (RiegelAs in my books and teachings , I care to convey to you the Dao (or Way , of the sages of Zhou ancientness (Richey . As my disciple , I encourage you to follow the examples lived by the sages of the past (Richey . In attachment , I wish that you would someday rise as a leader who would restore the moral integrity of the state (RicheyAs you may very nearly concur intercourse , I was a minor of the late Zhou soldiery personnel (Richey . This is the reason why in my teachings I have ever so discussed the nonion of Tian , which skipperly referred to Shangdi , the deity of the deposed Shang kings (Richey However , during my age , this original fancy of Tian has al sterilize changed slightly (Richey . indeed accounts of my teachings would base you the ontogenesis of a bargon-assed aspect of Tian (RicheyI believe that what I am teaching you are not my own making , hardly are lessons from brought down feather to us from antiquity (Riegel . Indeed , my sound student , I am merely a transmitter , and not a maker (RiegelAs you may experience , I am a believer in paradise (Riegel . and then , I purpose you to conform all your actions to the parameters that enlightenment dictates (Riegel .
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As men , we are responsible for our actions , and it is our duty to take to be and godliness the spirits , and admire Heaven (RiegelAnother important concept I could impart with you is the ren , which bureau compassion (Riegel . You should live your support cultivating your bash and concern for others (Riegel . obey my example in alert only if (Riegel RicheyEndeavor to avoid enriching yourself with self , power or bills (Riegel . alike , avoid victimization artful speech knowing to take a puddle a false gist on others and attract jobless praise (Riegel . You would do well to follow the Golden regularization : What you do not wish for yourself do not do to others (RiegelIn close connection with this social philosophy is the concept of the sacrament , which is usually concerned with matters of the family and clique (Hsu Riegel . Indeed , rites are not mere forms (Riegel . You should endeavor to unendingly act in concurrence to ritual , which indicates that you are ready , not to sacrifice your desires , on the dot to reconcile them with those of...If you want to get a full essay, vow it on our website: Orderessay

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