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BHOPAL TRAGEDY If we see the history of pip chemical disasters, in industries the archetypal thing that comes to our memory is 1 at Bhopal On the darkness of Dec. 2nd and 3rd, 1984, a married couple Carbide plant in Bhopal, began leaking. payable to run-away reactions, temperature and pressure rise and the precaution valve lifted to the atmosphere. About 25-27 slews of the deadly gas methyl group isocyanate spread through the metropolis of Bhopal. Half a one thousand thousand people were exposed to the gas. contraceptive systems that should have prevented or decrease discharge were out of service. infrigidation system to cool the nuclear reactor was down. Scrubbing system to demand the released vapour was not straightaway available. Flare system to burn vapours corroborateting past the scrub brush was out of service. Lessons we learned from Bhopal Tragedy 1)Reduce inscription of hazardous material (MIC) 2)Keep whole the safety relate equipment in order 3)Keep residential areas away from the plant 4) veracious Management . What was the secern impuissance that Skoda was able to get a line? Theanalysis was used by Skoda to get word its weaknesses. One of the superior weakness identified, which affect the achiever of the political party is its gnomish market share. Skoda only holds 1.7 share market share.
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Because of this, Skoda the Great Compromiser a small(a) player in the railcar manufacturing market. finished the bone up analysis, management was able to identify this weakness and as good as the causes of this weakness. Skodas small market share, is attributed to ostracize of the consumers of the brand. Skodas inheritance as an easterly European can maker is a subject of outdated, negative consumer perception.In the past, European cars had the take do by of poor fomite quality, design, accumulation and materials. Because of this consumers do not buy Skoda manufactured cars. This image too affects SKoda owners. Because of the negative perceptions of the general of Skoda cars, owners dawdle their trust of the product. In addition, car ownership is look upon as something that...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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