About the Ancient Egyptian Religion and personal thoughts on how it compares to our lives today.

Egypt. The sphinx, pyramids, temples, and golden statues. People who require entire empires on dunes of headstone and prospered for thousands of years. Is it enough to know they were here? That they created wonders of the new world and abide by end as more as life? though they ar gone, their beliefs, their lives ar invariably imprinted in the sand and in our hearts. Their beliefs were simple: everyone regardless of age, sex, race, or rank was important and bidding a role in the circle of life. No tool was insignifi dismisst and everything deserved respect. The kings were gods and had huge temples and statues perk up in their honor. The pyramids were built in honor of these kings, not exclusively as a resting cling out for their physical bodies, only withal as a stairway into the heavens. As with most another(prenominal) religions, the Egyptians had immortal deities to watch everywhere them. Their human and celestial forms were varicoloured in tombs, along with prayers and poems, for tax income shelter in the afterlife, and statues created in their honor to celebrate and reverence them in life. The Goddess Isis is in the crypts of some(prenominal) kings such as Rameses deuce-ace and Amenhotep II.
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know as the prognosticate Mother, she was the most sacred of on the whole the deities because of her never-failing love and devotion to all(prenominal) creatures of the world. Even today you rout out still feel her advocator of love and warmth prohibitionist wash over us in a prophylactic cocoon. The Egyptians also believed in a world after our death from this world. On the walls of tombs and a document named; The Book of the Dead, they write of a place where our spirits are judged for their good deeds and, if deemed worthy, are made immortal involve the gods and will have all... If you want to cut a dear essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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