Analyse and compare the information you have processed to assess the relative accuracy of the two models at predicting future astronomical events, such as the position of the planets.

Ptolemy?s Model became highly successful in predicting changing gravels of the stars and planets during the ancient times. but the predictions make with Ptolemys warning of the nomadic plaza and precessions of the equinoxes were not quite unchanging with the best avail desir subject observations. Because of a particular difference, astronomers do minor adjustments in the Ptolemaic mannequin to account for the inconsistency but eventually the electronic ne bothrk of complexness resulting from the minor adjustments was change magnitude to a greater consequence rapidly than the accuracy, so a discrepancy corrected in one place was presumptive to show up in another place. Copernicus? theoretical account is capable to account qualitatively for the disc everyplaceed motions of the stars, the Moon and the position of the planets. Copernicus remarkable to increase the accuracy of his model by inserting small epicycles for the animated objects to move on. This was necessary because Copernicus take for granted (like Ptolemy) that the planets move at a uniform speed. But the discover motions did not correspond just now to planets moving at constant speed. The epicycles of Copernicus were smaller than those of Ptolemy and the motion of the planets ofttimes or less them was much slower so that to each one planet locomote in an elongated circle way.
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But even with his epicycles, Copernicus? model resulted in errors in predicting planetary positions of well-nigh 2 degrees all over a few centuries of planetary motion. This is the same error in Ptolemy?s model. There was no definitive observation that could be made that would decide which of the two competing models fit the entropy to a greater extent accurately. So to compare the two models, it is based on the criteria of the entropy fitting. For example, observing stellar parallax would provoke clearly shown that the Earth moves and put on olibanum supported the Copernican model. Both models were however able to formulate why the detect motions of... If you want to get a upright essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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