The Comparison of Beowulf and the Gladiator

The Comparison of Beowulf and The Gladiator In e in truth story or pansy fib it is always issues of unspoilt and unfairness that intensify and come forward conflict. In the Gladiator and in the epic poem Beowulf, in that location were umteen similarities that occurred. For instance Maximus and Beowulf were good respected, loyal, and they fought for what they believed in. In two(prenominal) stories the good and evil manifested through the themes of populace vs. Man, and Man vs. Fate and Destiny. The characteristics of good is particularize as one existence positive in nature, which characterizes Beowulf and Maximus. They were in truth positive race and cooperative to others. On the other muckle the characteristics of evil is defined as the act of being wicked, which resembled the characteristics of Grendel and Commodus. Grendel and Commodus twain were wretched. Beowulf was a world-beaterful warrior who fought Grendel, as to Maximus was a mighty warrior who battled Commodus. Grendel was grabby of the people in Herot Hall, because he had no one to partner with. He lived dark and gloomy. So to generate others miserable, he attacked them viciously. This is when Beowulf takes everywhere and battles him in Herot Hall one on one. Beowulf started Grendel by pull his fort from his socket, which made him bleed to death. as yet Maximus most valuable three-fold was with Commodus.
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Commodus was jealous of Maximus because Marcus Aurelis chose Maximus as his heir. He did everything in his power to perplex Maximus killed, but Maximus over came some(prenominal) of Commodus challenges. This is when the battle begins. Commodus bed Maximus so he wont be as powerful. Even though this slowed his dynamism down, he still managed to kill Commodus. At the end of two stories Beowulf and Maximus dies. They both fought for their people. Beowulf fought... If you want to get a full essay, dedicate it on our website: Orderessay

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