Ap World History

A: Yalis question in Guns,Germs, and Steel, The Fates of Human Society was hence is it that forbidding-and-blue volume puzzleed so much commitment and brought it to refreshed Guinea, but we black flock had little weight of our aim got? With that being said, Yali is attempting to ask how did white heap develop technology beyond the technology in the black peoples possession, and wherefore didnt the black people develop technology to the extent of the white people? B: Pizarros jinx of Atahuallpa explains thoroughly why europiumans annex the radical ball instead of the Native Americans colonizing atomic number 63. The reason why Europeans annex the New globe instead of Native Americans colonizing that was displayed in the capture of Atahullapa is technology. Technology is crucial to Pizarros capture of Atahuallpa and for European subjection in the New World since Pizarros men were outfit with guns, armor, trade progress to swords, and ships needed to trav el big distances across Oceans, whereas the Native Americans were equipt with lesser advanced technology such as no armor and stone tools. In addition, ships needed to travel vast distances were not available for Native Americans so, therefore, Native Americans conquering Europe did not occur.
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C: The availability of domesticated plants and animals explains why empires, literacy, and steel weapons developed earliest in Eurasia. For example, domestication of plants and animals led to annex permanent farms. Since there is no need for most people to hunt, and given that permanent settlement will contribute to stored food, hence most people will devote their lives to separate pursuits new(prenominal) than farming, such as arti! san and warriors, craftsman, kings, etc. This advantage was write in code identified in Eurasia while most of the New World still heavily relied on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. This lifestyle forces everyone to hunt for their let food and the time to spring new technologies is lost. D: umteen factors contributed to getting hunter-gatherers to...If you want to get a full essay, command it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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