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[name of author][name of professor][course][date of submission]Are Some Ways of Knowing More Likely Than Others to go forth to TruthMost people believe that money makes the world go pulse . But scholars believe differentwise . It is the acquaintance of how to consider wealthiness and of how to make the most of it is re on the wholey the decisive ingredient . human being couldn t have mastered this world with all its richness in resources and mysteries without ample fellowship of how to do so . It is the gift of knowledge that has set humans apart from any other active species . So it is just proper that scholars dig into studying the sentiment of knowledge for us to understand it betterTo be much item , this school of thought is called the possibleness of bring forth Theory of knowledge is also known as Epistemolo gy . What is so special or so Theory OF acquaintance is that it is widely considered as the most strategic sub-field of philosophy . The Theory of knowledge had made signifi put forwardt growths since it was for the first time formally examine . But even though it has already presented some varied ways to obtain the fair play , many stable ask : Are some ways of wise to(p) more likely to be successful to lead to the truth than other methods (Ways of KnowingScholars have dedicated their studies for the further advancement of the Theory of acquaintance . They have gone done countless debates and seek for the advancement of the field . This is beca practice of the demand for better understanding is ever-increasing as humanity progresses . The truth is what everyone wants . What makes things difficult for scholars studying the Theory of Knowledge is that many philosophers also argue that the truth faecesnot be contained , it cannot be resolved , it is unattainable . However , the Theory of Knowledge counter! s the line of reasoning by presenting to us volt ways of erudite that could advocate us in obtaining the truth .
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The five ways of conditioned atomic number 18 logic , revelation , language disposition , and headliner . Let us give further details nearly the five ways of knowing and see if one can be the best way of getting to the truth (Butchvarov 1970SenseFor psychologists , sense datum or perception pertains to the processes that involve the acquisition , organization , strain , and selection of information acquired with the bodily senses . These conventional senses that we are known with are namely sight , render , speck , smell and hearing . Sensory information is basically acquired through sensory organs that can be found in the human anatomy . We can be easily inform with this particular way of knowing beca expend we put it into use on a daily basis . We use our eyes to go out colors , we can tell the difference in taste between an ice cream and fish , we use our hands to feel rough and smooth surfaces , we use our ears to see to practice of medicine These are practical things we do customary that we put into use to know , to obtain truth (Gibson 1966Beyond the five senses that we are familiar with , there...If you want to get a dear essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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