is a sweet that has a universal relevance . The newfangled questions the nature of hu humanness motivations , and re capitulums the reader that there is much more(prenominal) to smell than simply existing has a relentless want for perception and enlightenment . As a young man attempts to gravel acquaintance and the straightforward meaning of life , and he discovers that it lavatory non be found in any unsophisticated appearance . indeed he leaves his family and boosters and seeks out the wisdom and enlightenment he persistents for goes finished several phases before he feels truly beginner . He first looks for guidance from teachers and friends . He leaves his family and becomes a roamer , tho is then tempted by fleshly pleasures . Eventually he is excite by his own actions and quits his vices , and lives a simple lifeThe straightaway impression that I had was that , of course , s goals are statuesque , his mind pure , his deeds praiseworthy . But upon gain ground scrutiny a problem arises . He is so intently focused upon his lofty abstract goals that he is willing to shun and sacrifice the more ordinary , down-to-earth aspects of his life , much(prenominal) as his ties with friends and family . He rase sees others as inferior to himself , and gum thus loses the ability to appreciate normal lifeIn my mind this is one extreme speck . lotnot stop focusing on the betterment of the self (that is , himself ) rase to the point of disregarding and even hurting others . There shows a great selfishness in his motives . seeks salvation - for himself , and finds it in himself . He does not have compassion for his human peers (at least not on a level that can be appreciated by them .
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It is of course a point of the novel that enlightenment /wisdom cannot be taught , and must be attained by and inwardly the self , but must this path to self-actualization be to the ejection of almost all other aspects of social lifeOf course it can be argued that everything is about the self anyway that any caution about others is only an extension of a self-focused want (for compositors display case , it can be argued that without the high one draw a bead ons from doing altruistic acts , persons reinvigorated in charity will not be educe in charity . Cynical , of course , but accepted s modify came with the realization that his quest had so far been thwarted because his focus had been wrong , and that he should look no cajole than himself for what he seeks . He works on the belief that no teacher can give him enli ghtenment , that enlightenment comes from at heart the self . s awakening , if to be categorized , is a Mahayana awakening . And cannot be classified down the stairs Theravada , which rigidly clings to group s friend Govinda can be said to work under the Theravada customs duty . Govinda is interested in truth is long is it is the truth as prescribe by religion , and obtained through teachers . He is constrained by his belief that truth can...If you want to get a all-encompassing essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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