Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler Hi my attend is Anna and I am a run of the Nazi Party. The leader of the nazi caller is Adolf Hitler. Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Austria. Hitler welcomed the outbreak of the war in 1914 and united the German army. He was a courageous solider and was wounded twice. He won the Iron Cross, First Class for bravery. When Hitler heard Germany had surrendered he was surprised and felt they had not been defeated. Hitler thought that Germany were stabbed in the wonder by the democratic politicians. When the war was over he was motivate to spy on a new political ships company called the German Workers Party. He liked their ideas and get back in it. Soon he became the leader of the party. He and then changed the name to the National Socialist German Workers Party. It was currently nick-named the Nazi Party. The Nazis wanted to restore Germany to its former greatness, and countermine the pact of Versailles. Hitler discovered he had a gift for globe in tercommunicate and at meetings he won supporters for the Nazis. Hitler formed his give insular army. Led by Ernst Rohm, it was called the SA. They were nicknamed the Brownshirts because of the colour of their uniforms. Hitler as puff up as set up a smaller crowd called the SS to act as his in the flesh(predicate) bodyguards. It was led by Heinrich Himmler.
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Hitler was move prison in 1923 because he staged a takeover (revolt). In prison he wrote a book called mein kampf. In this book, he wrote his main beliefs and they were: that the German race was made up of superior, racially pure people, whom Hitler called Aryans, that Austria and opposite German-speaking areas in europium shou ld be united with Germany. He called this id! ea anchluss. Hitler planned to grab Eastern Europe and Russia to exit more land and resources for the German master race. This was called lebensraum. Hitler also wanted to ignore the damage of the Versailles treaty and rebuild a powerful German army. Hitler was released from prison in 1925. He changed his tactics, sooner of revolting...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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