Write A Comparison/contrast Essay On The Texts Frankenstein By Mary Shelley And Tess Of The D`urbervilles By Thomas Hardy

THE WOMAN QUESTIONFRANKENSTEIN AND TESS OF THE D URBERVILLES2006The nineteenth century witnessed a disorder tide of change in America Industrialismexploration , and comparability became the advertize forces of an era besieged by cultural shifts . Forwomen , modern feminism was born , bringing with it the promise of exciting new opportunitiespreviously insofar dreamed of : voting , careers , independence , and even so agreeity among the sexesAs semipolitical activists worked to make these opportunities a reality increasing poetry ofauthors apply their written talents to stir the hearts and minds of women across the globeTwo such(prenominal) , disbelieve Thomas Hardy and Mary Shelley , utilized two very different tales (Tess of theD Urbervilles and Frankenstein , respectively ) to send a remarkably quasi(prenominal) depicted object about theoppressive force which their society impose upon womenBoth novels place females in weak and passive fibers . In the elusion of Frankenstein , young women such as Justine (who is executed ) serve as examples of weak and befuddled females being tragically set(p) in the grapheme of dupe . Likewise , m both of the female characters in Tess of the d Urbervilles surface of weak and passive character . Tess friends depart suicidal and intoxicant when they realize that angel - a musical composition who has neer shown them the to the lowest degree interest - for complicate never respect them . Mrs Durbeyfield , on the different hand , is constantly presented as a superstitious and evasive woman . Rather than exhausting work , she stakes her family s pecks on good luck (the family shape ) and the love life of her girl . When Tess conjugation to Angel (which would safe a good name and a good fortune ) seems in danger , Mrs . Durbeyfield adv ises her little girl to keep the rectitude! from Angel - a move which will prove about costly . The weakness of the master(prenominal) enate figure in Tess of the d Urbervilles echoes the passivity and weakness entrap in the main maternal figure of Frankenstein , Elizabeth s mother .
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iodin of the few s the reader is provided of the woman is how she and passe-partout s arrive met : the latter came as a protecting spirit to the forgetful girl who attached herself to his care (34Even the primary female characters in both Tess of the d Urbervilles and Frankensteinreveal moments of weakness . Tess , throughout her entire descent with Angel , worries thatshe is miserable of his love . At one point , after Angel has learned t he truth about Alec , Tesseven cries , I will adjust you , like your wretched slave , even if it is to lie low and die (474Tess does not enter her marriage as an equal , but as an angel placed on a pedestal on whichshe - or any woman - could never stay seated . When Tess loses that perfect love , she indulgesin a last-place and fatal moment of weakness by succumbing to Alec s seduction - a man who is aself-proclaimed damned bad oath (165 . Similarly , Victor s fiancy Elizabeth in Frankensteinserves the simultaneous and stereotypical role of faithful assort and unattainable idealthroughout the story . She...If you want to get a secure essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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