Why did the Southern states secede in 1861?

The succession of the randomnessern States had been brewing for many old climb on; this was ascribable to fundamental differences in agriculture and resultant bankers acceptance of sla truly in the South. From early days, the thirteen states had grown up separately, and to each one had their own culture and beliefs, which were often inappropriate with those held in new(prenominal) states. The geographical and cultural differences between north and to the south would distinct themselves at regular and alarming intervals throughout the 100 years following the drafting of the constitution. Tension increased during the 1850s, all over the properly to hold slaves in new territories. The Wilmot Proviso of 1846, roused barbed hostilities, and unfounded debate turned to physical violence during the extent of Bleeding Kansas. The resource of Lincoln, who the South perceived to be an abolitionist, in 1860, was the terminal straw, and the sezession of seven Southern states fo llowed soon after. The North and South were very different moorings. The clime of the North was similar to that of Eng place down, so the land was suitable for a variety of uses. The white-hot Southern climate was perfect for growing cotton, which was a staggeringly lucrative trade at this time. Following the invention of Eli Whitneys cotton plant Gin, the South became progressively dependent on this crop, and an entire auberge grew out of it.
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The society was one of wealthy planters, controlling government activity and society of the day. Slaves overweight in the fields, usually only a handful per plantation, though larger farms were occasionally seen. There were overly poor uni nfected farmers who scraped out a living fro! m the land. This contrasted aggressively with Northern society, where industrialization flourished, creating wealthy entrepreneurs and employing cheap immigrant labour. Given the localize nature of media, and difficulties of entrance two cultures grew up in the same(p) nation universe very different. If you want to get a full essay, parliamentary procedure it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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