Creative writing, its a short story about a girl who is addicted to smoking.

SO YOUNG SO ADDICTED Justin Mackenzie has been smoking since the while of 10 till now he?s 15. E very single someone in his family has lung illnesses ca give by smoking and he knows all that. however why is he still smoking? Lolita Lee dialog to him around that and a whole lot more. First, give us a brief history of Justin Mackenzie. Where do you kick the bucket fagots? When I was ten, I apply to take it from my friends, they never told me where they get it. merely now, I buy it anywhere I was born in Sydney and moved to Brisbane when I was six. I take for granted?t go through any brothers or sisters but I have the best parents in the world. I went to Corpora elemental School and was a sport person and the indoctrinate captain in send seven. And now here I am in Tangalish laid-back School. Many people included Corpora Primary School students physical exercised to call you sporty, why? (Smiling) Its because I was very good at sports especially athleti cs, which I used to tot up first, moment or third. Are you still good at sports? No, I don?t play sports any more. Why? Well, since I started smoking, I became very slow; I can?t come off for 50m without stopping for a rest. I fantasy it would be break off to stop.
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How did you start smoking? When I was 10 I used to walk with a multitude of friends, but they dumped me because I don?t want to grapple my lunch with them. So I started walking with another stem which were all smokers. They often asked me if I want a cigarette but I unbroken severaliseing ?No, smoking causes death? and they use to laugh and say ?Are you scared about that-chicken?? scarce anyone ever asks me... If you ! want to get a full essay, regulate it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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