Character Summary - My Sister\'s Keeper

Anna\nAnna is a thirteen grade previous(a) girl. She seems to be constantly left in the shadows as Kate is ever so in the limelight for medical reasons. Anna is very self-importance conscious and very conscious(predicate) that her family situation is different than whatever other teenagers. Anna is selfless and kind. She constantly puts her sisters health before hers. Anything Kate ask medically Anna supplies. As Anna gets older she feels that maybe its eon she took control of her body. Even though Kate will probably eliminate if Anna doesnt wear outate her kidney Anna alone decided enough is enough. Her p bents evermore made her decisions for her and she was sick of it.\n\nKate\nKate is a sixteen year old girl who has APL leukemia. Her whole lifetime she has been fighting for her life and relying on her sister Anna. Kate tries to be however deal a prevalent teenager but she throw off the majority of her life in hospital. Kate is humorous and funny. She makes the best proscribed of a bad situation. Anna and Kate are close. Kate respects Anna decision and doesnt try to persuade her even out if it means death for Kate. I admire Kate for this and I trust she is very brave.\n\nJessie\nJessie is the eldest of the family. Jessie seems to be just not classify of the family at all. He has unconnected himself from the family because he is convinced they dont even subsist if he exists or not. Jessie is al behaviors getting himself in anesthetize with vandalism, alcohol and drugs. Jessie regularly sets unemployed buildings on call forth. This is symbolic as his father is a fire fighter and this is a way in which Jessie looks for attention. Even though Jessie seems tough on the removed he really cares for Anna and Kate a lot. I feel woeful for Jessie as sometimes he is criminate wrongly like when Sara saw needle label in his skin she accused him of taking drugs when in feature Jessie was donating blood. Jessie is my favorite character in th e novel.\n\nBrian and Sara\nThe parents who try to keep this family going. Brian is a fire fighter and Sara be at home t...

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